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About Us

Bastion Therapeutics is a preclinical stage biotechnology company leveraging proprietary platform technology to enhance Tregs to modulate the immune system and overcome challenges associated with previous generations of Treg cell therapy


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Our unwavering vision moves us forward with a determination to transform the treatment landscape for patients afflicted by inflammatory disorders. Our relentless pursuit of innovation, guided by cutting-edge research and breakthrough technologies, fuels our motivation to go beyond mere symptom management and truly deliver curative therapies that have the potential to transform lives. 


Our mission is not simply to make incremental advancements, but to lead a profound revolution in the treatment of inflammatory disorders. Our commitment is grounded in the belief that Tregs hold tremendous potential in regulating the immune system's response, mitigating excessive inflammation, and promoting tissue healing. We strive to develop pioneering, best-in-class Treg therapies that have the power to target the root causes of these disorders and and provide long-term relief for patients suffering from inflammatory diseases.

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Our purpose is to cultivate an extraordinary environment that serves as a sanctuary for curious minds, a crucible for trailblazing scientific discoveries, and a haven where innovation flourishes. We understand that the key to transformative discoveries lies in the collective brilliance and diverse perspectives of our team members. We foster a culture that not only embraces but also celebrates diversity and inclusivity, recognising that it is the mosaic of unique backgrounds, experiences, and talents that fuels our collective growth and propels us towards greatness.

The heart of Bastion is undeniably our exceptional team. They serve as the vanguard, leading the charge in our pursuit of innovation and our mission to advance ground-breaking therapies for patients around the world

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