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Our Solution

We are fundamentally changing the Inflammatory Disorders space by unlocking the full potential of regulatory T cells (Tregs)

Our technology addresses the fundamental challenges that have limited previous generations of Treg therapies and unleashes the multi-functional capabilities of our GRIT™ cells

GRIT™ Platform For Disease-Specific Therapy
(Genetically Reconfigured & Improved Treg)


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Enhancing Tregs To Restore Balance In Inflammatory Disorders

Our GRIT™ cells offer an innovative strategy to help suppress excessive immune responses. By engineering Tregs with our proprietary technology they have the potential to:

  • Target specific inflammatory sites with high specificity 

  • Recognise and bind to molecules specifically involved in inflammation

  • Deliver regulatory signals and suppress inflammatory responses

  • Reinforce Treg stability in harsh pro-inflammatory environments

  • Endure to ensure persistence and longevity 

  • Repair and Regenerate damaged tissues

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Our GRIT™ cells hold promise for treating inflammatory disorders and offer a targeted and precise therapy for restoring immune balance

We are developing precise engineered Treg therapies to prevent dysregulated inflammation 

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Our Pipeline

Our Best-In-Class CAR-Treg therapies look to address the clear unmet medical need and to create a future where Inflammatory Disorders are curable.

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