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Discover the potential of partnering with us to advance the development and commercialisation of Treg therapies for patients

As we strive to push the boundaries of scientific research, development, and commercialization, we recognize the importance of building strong partnerships with academic and industry leaders.

Colourful puzzle pieces
Colourful puzzle pieces

At our core, we are committed to innovation and collaboration, and believe that together we can have a meaningful impact on the lives of patients.

Join us in advancing the frontier of Treg therapy, and let's build a better future for patients around the world!

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Explore a partnership with us
We invite you to explore partnership opportunities with us to help accelerate the development of Treg cell therapies and deliver life-changing treatments to patients in need

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Piles of Books

Explore our selection of publications, which provide valuable insights into the regulatory T-cell (Treg) field

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